Full and Partial Dentures

A denture or false teeth is a removable set of prosthesis that is used to replace your missing teeth. Dentures are used when a tooth and its roots are lost or are damaged beyond repair. If you have lost all or most of your natural teeth, having a denture can improve your smile, your ability to chew food and speak, and enhance your overall appearance.

Dentures are divided into full and partial. Complete r full dentures are necessary when all of the patient’s natural teeth are missing. Partial dentures, on the other hand, are used when the patient still has a few healthy teeth left.

There are two types of full dentures. These are: conventional and the immediate dentures. These types of dentures are pretty much the same except and only vary on the time it takes to complete their installation. Conventional dentures are placed at about eight to twelve weeks after the teeth have been extracted while immediate dentures are made in advance and are placed immediately after the extraction.

On the other hand, partial dentures are teeth replacement attached to a pink-colored plastic base. Partial dentures do not only replace missing teeth but it also help in keeping the teeth securely in place.

The Procedure

During your first consultation, Dr. Afzali will discuss to you what type of denture will best suit you. Denture materials vary from porcelain, acrylic resin, and metals.

The process involved in the placement of dentures can take a few weeks or even a few months depending on what type of dentures you need. First an impression will be taken of your jaw, gum and teeth. This is to make sure all the measurements are accurate.

The mold will then be sent to a dental laboratory where the actual dentures will be made. This is the phase that will require a longer waiting period.

Once they are ready, you will need to come back to our office for another appointment so that your dentures will be fitted and placed in your mouth.

New dentures may feel a little awkward or odd for the first few weeks but once you get used to wearing them, they will feel almost natural in your mouth.

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