Ridge Augmentation

Ridge augmentation, or localized alveolar ridge augmentation involves putting a bone graft in the socket where the roots used to be located, so that the natural shape of the jaw and gums will once again be re-created. People who require this process are usually those that have lost at least one tooth and have noticed that their cheeks have become hollow and irregular due to deterioration of bone tissue.

If you want a dental implant to replace your lost tooth or if deterioration of your gum tissue is causing aesthetic issues, this only means your localized alveolar ridge needs to be reconstructed, and bone graft can be used to induce bone growth. Following a tooth extraction, this process can assist in the preservation of the ridge’s width and height.

The Procedure

The following is a general outline of the procedure. Other steps may be performed depending on how your condition is assessed.

  • The process involves the placement of graft material in the socket, and this is a step that can be performed after your tooth has been taken out.
  • Your gum tissue is then put back in the socket and sutured, and this helps prepare the localized alveolar ridge for the implant.
  • Dental implants are meant to function as the base for your crowns (artificial teeth), and these prosthesis feel and look like real teeth. These dental implants are compact and have screw-type posts set on your jawbone where your teeth used to be. Furthermore, they will help conserve your facial structure and keep your bones from deteriorating due to missing teeth.

Preservation of ridges is usually done after administering local anesthesia although additional medication may be used if necessary. Following the ridge surgery, a recovery plan will be prepared by Dr. Afzali. The treatment results vary on a case to case basis and may take several months or a year to complete. To ensure your recover fully, follow the advice that is given, otherwise complications may arise.

Our ridge augmentation procedure uses the latest techniques to ensure your safety and so that everything is done as fast and reliably as possible. If you think you could benefit from a ridge augmentation process, please get in touch with us here at Lifetime Dental Rancho Cucamonga. Our telephone number is (909) 483-0812 and our address is at 7365 Carnelian St. Suite 135, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730.

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