Senior Dental Care

As people get older it is only natural for the body to become weaker, making it harder to stay healthy. Senior dental care is also just as challenging, but it is crucial nonetheless. As a person ages they are more prone to tooth and gum diseases and health problems such as the following:

  • Dry Mouth – dry mouth can occur due to cancer treatment or it can be a symptom of diseases like Sjogren’s Syndrome. It can also occur as a side effect to common medications.
  • A Diminished Sense of Taste – age will eventually diminish a person’s sense of taste but this can be worsened by dentures, other diseases and even by the medications taken.
  • Darkened Teeth – after consuming stain-causing foods and beverages every day for decades a person’s teeth is eventually going to get darker. This is also caused by a change in the person’s dentin – a tissue underlying the tooth enamel – and by the thinning of a tooth’s outer enamel layer.
  • Root Decay – this happens to younger people but it is more common in older people with teeth that have been exposed to root-destroying acids for several years.
  • Uneven Jawbone – this occurs mostly due to tooth loss. When the lost tooth is not replaced the remaining teeth shift in their position and eventually take up the now open spaces, causing the jawbone to be irregularly shaped after a few years.
  • Tooth Loss – with receding gums that are designed to keep the teeth in place it is very common for older people to lose their teeth as they age.


Visiting Lifetime Dental in Rancho Cucamonga, CA will be the first step. Dr. Afzali will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth and gums to find any signs of problems.

  • Missing teeth may be replaced by dentures, bone and tissue grafts may be added to readjust the jawbone and to allow the gums to grow back and lock onto the teeth.
  • Cleaning, scraping and planing can also be done in order to remove tartar and plaque, clearing the mouth of years of bacteria that can cause infection, gum recession and tooth decay. This will guarantee that the patient will not lose their remaining.

For further inquiries concerning senior dental care and other dental services simply call our office at (909) 483-0812 to schedule an appointment with Dr. M. Azadeh Afzali, the Founder and Clinical Director of Lifetime Dental.

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