Single Tooth Replacement

If you are lacking one tooth, you may want to consider our single tooth replacement service. In this procedure, a dental implant will be used to replace your tooth roots and a crown will then cover it and serve as your tooth replacement.

This option provides several benefits over the traditional methods used for replacing teeth. Apart from being inexpensive and long lasting, the replacement looks and feels natural, and you don’t need to sacrifice the rest of your teeth. And unlike other methods there is no need to use your other healthy teeth to act as support for the prosthesis.

Because tooth replacement will take the place in the roots, the bone tissue will be in a better state of preservation. With other types of restorations some of the bone tissues around the tooth will deteriorate, but the process we use here at Lifetime Dental keeps your jawbone intact and healthy.

The Procedure

  • First, an implant is set on your jaw. Over a period lasting anywhere from 2 to 6 months, the implant and your bone will fuse and create an anchor for your new tooth. During this period you will be given a temporary tooth to cover the implant.
  • Often times, a second step is required whereby the implant is uncovered and an extension is attached. This healing cap is temporary and puts the finishing touches on the foundation where your replacement tooth will be placed. If you undergo this step you will need at least two weeks for your gums to heal.
  • Some implant procedures do not require the above step as they are one-stage. With those systems the implant already comes with an extension. A dental examination will determine which procedure is best for you.
  • The last step is the creation of the replacement tooth known as the crown. The crown is attached onto an abutment (a metal post). After a few days you will notice a marked improvement in your ability to speak and chew, plus you’ll gain confidence in your smile as well. Unlike old tooth replacement methods dental implants feel natural and have no side effects.

If you’re interested in a single tooth replacement you can schedule a consultation with Dr. M. Azadeh Afzali, founder and clinical director of Lifetime Dental Rancho Cucamonga by calling (909) 483-0812. We are located on 7365 Carnelian St. Suite 135, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730.

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