Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning involves the removal of tartar and plaque deposits that have accumulated in your teeth and gums. Bacteria can build up in your mouth and if not removed, they can lead to dental caries and eventually tooth decay.

Through teeth cleaning, bacteria can be removed especially in hard-to-reach areas that cannot be cleaned by mere brushing and flossing alone. In addition, cleaning also polishes your teeth, leaving them smooth and clear so bacteria won’t be able to stick on them, thereby keeping your teeth clean and healthy.

The Procedure

We have several instruments that will gently take out tartar and plaque deposits without causing any harm to your teeth.

  • Ultrasonic instruments: an ultrasonic tool is usually the first one used, and it relies on vibrations to get rid of the bigger tartar pieces. A mist of water is sprayed to discard the debris and keep your teeth at the right temperature. Our ultrasonic equipment has rounded and curved tips that are always moving as it passes in and around your teeth, and there is no pain during the process.
  • After the larger tartar pieces have been eliminated, we will use hand tools like curettes or scalers to remove the smaller pieces and smoothen your teeth. These tools are shaped specifically to match your teeth’s curves, allowing tartar deposits to be removed carefully by gentle scraping.
  • Once the surfaces of your teeth are smooth, polishing will then take place. This is done with a slow speed hand piece that has a soft rubber cup spinning at the end. Prophylaxis paste, a toothpaste like substance, is placed in the cup and spun so your teeth will look smooth and shiny.
  • Depending on the situation, fluoride may also be applied to your teeth. Note that these are not meant to be ingested like food as they are for your teeth’s topical use only. Fluoride gel or foam is set on foam trays and applied on your teeth for 30 seconds, after which you spit it out. Following this rinsing, the process is complete.

Teeth cleaning is essential for adults and children, and it plays a huge part in keeping your teeth and gums strong and healthy. If you’re interested in this service, you can avail of it here at Lifetime Dental Rancho Cucamonga by calling (909) 483-0812. We are located on 7365 Carnelian St. Suite 135, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730.

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