Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth colored filling is a type of dental filling that invisibly repairs and protects while imitating the natural look of your teeth. Also known as white filling, this restorative treatment is used to repair and restore teeth that are damaged, decayed, and fractured. It is also used to change the appearance of the teeth by resizing and reshaping it.

This procedure may be considered as a preventive measure to keep the decayed or damaged tooth from further damage. This is the reason why we at Lifetime Dental in Rancho Cucamonga strongly recommend it to our patients who are experiencing mild to moderate tooth problems.

The Procedure

  • Like any other dental procedure, the tooth must be cleaned first before adding the filling. This is to ensure that a strong bond will be formed between the tooth’s surface and the actual filling. During this process, we will remove all the debris accumulated on the tooth like cavity and plaque.
  • After the tooth has been thoroughly cleaned, a local anesthetic may be injected or a numbing agent may be applied to numb the area. This is to ensure that the patient is at ease during the whole procedure.
  • Next, we will trim a portion of the tooth to make way for the filling. This is also the time when your dentist will decide on the shade of the filling based on the color of the rest of your teeth.
  • Finally, your dentist will put the filling on the trimmed tooth. After the filling application, your dentist will cure it (by using a blue-light equipment) to make sure it really hard and strong.

There are no known health risks linked to the use of tooth colored filling. However, like any other dental procedures, a slight discomfort may be experienced a few days after the procedure.

Tooth colored fillings are a lot more beneficial compared to other traditional fillings like silver amalgam which has mercury content and is regarded as toxic. While metal fillings weaken the teeth, composite fillings can restore and strengthen it. Also, silver fillings will require a larger size of the natural tooth to be removed compared to tooth colored fillings.

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