Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction is a routine procedure here at Lifetime Dental. This may be done for a wide number of reasons although the most common ones are to avoid infection from spreading, to create space in a crowded mouth and to treat pain caused by an impacted or broken tooth.

Even if you and your kids brush your teeth on a daily basis it is still very likely you’ll eventually require tooth extraction. Children with large teeth or with irregular teeth may need to get some extracted in order for a brace to be inserted. Other times a tooth may need to be taken out as it may affect the health and position of your other teeth.

The Procedure

A tooth extraction is usually quick and painless. If you only have one tooth to be extracted Dr. Afzali will use a local anesthetic to numb the area where the tooth will be extracted from. If several teeth need to be removed then a general anesthetic may be used. This will completely eradicate the sensation of pain and may render you asleep during the procedure.

  • The first step in any extraction is to administer anesthesia. This will ensure that you don’t feel any pain while the tooth is being extracted.
  • If only one tooth is to be pulled the dentist will use a local anesthetic. This will make the area surrounding the tooth numb. If more than one tooth is to be taken out then a general anesthetic may be used. This will put you to sleep as it dulls all pain in the body and can make the procedure feel a lot quicker.
  • Once the anesthetic has taken effect, the dentist will begin working on extracting the tooth. For a general extraction, forceps will be used to wiggle the tooth free from the jaw bone and from the bone ligaments that hold it in place.
  • For an impacted tooth, the dentist will have to cut some of the gum and bone tissue to reach the tooth before finally pulling it out. If the tooth is broken then the tooth may have to be pulled out in small pieces.
  • Once the tooth is out a gauze will be placed on the extraction site to stop the bleeding.

Taking care of your teeth and gums is a lifetime commitment. If you ever need tooth extraction you may call Lifetime Dental in Rancho Cucamonga at (909) 483-0812 to schedule an appointment with Dr. M. Azadeh Afzali, Founder and Clinical Director of Lifetime Dental.

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