Veneers and Laminates

There was a time not so long ago when even Hollywood celebrities had imperfect teeth. But nowadays, this is no longer the case. More and more people are opting for cosmetic dentistry solutions and here in Lifetime Dental we are getting lots of inquiries regarding our veneers and laminates.

Our office is located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and we offer a wide range of services, including Cosmetic Dentistry. If you have cosmetic dental problems, we may recommend veneers or laminates.

Differences Between Veneers and Laminates

There is very little difference between these two and in dentistry, they are often used interchangeably. Simply put, they are tooth-colored materials that form a shell that is bonded to the front surface of the tooth to correct any minor imperfections.

Porcelain veneers or laminates have a thickness of about .5mm and they are twice as thick as an eggshell. Newer veneers called the Lumineers are much thinner.

Their primary function is to improve a tooth’s appearance. If you have chipped, discolored, slightly misaligned or worn teeth, Dr. Afzali may recommend veneers and laminates as a solution so you’ll have a more beautiful smile after you step out of our office.

Keep in mind however that this option is only suited for addressing minor imperfections. Dental crowns, Invisalign, professional teeth whitening, crown lengthening and other cosmetic services may be necessary in more severe cases.

The Procedure

Getting veneers may require 2-3 visits to our office. The first one will be for a consultation with our dentist who will check your teeth and gums, and determine if veneers will work in your case. After that, your veneers will be made and once it’s ready you will need to come back so that they can be applied to your teeth.

Preparing a tooth for a veneer entails removing a bit of enamel on the surface of the tooth. This is so that the veneer will fit onto your tooth. Then we will take an impression of the tooth/teeth and send this mold to the laboratory where your veneers will be made.

Once the veneers are ready, it will be bonded and permanently cemented to your tooth/teeth. We will make sure that the color and fit are perfect. Your veneers will look just like your natural teeth and no one will suspect you have them. They will just think you have great-looking and healthy teeth.

If you have minor teeth imperfections, consider getting veneers and laminates. Call us at (909) 483-0812 to learn more.

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